Moving a Pool Table

If you are attempting a pool table move yourself, figuring out what to do is your initial issue. It will involve you completely disassembling a pool table, doing some heavy lifting with a couple of strong people, and then re-assembling it while making it perfectly level. While you could possibly take on the job of getting a pool table moved with a few friends, you should really consider hiring professionals. Cincinnati Pool Table Movers has great installers who have moved every type of billiard table from old antique ones to modern outdoor ones. We have the expert knowledge to take it apart carefully,, catalogue, and pack each part and then re-install the table in your new home.

You could do it yourself. Being a handy, systematic person, that has above average carpentry ability, a few strong friends, and some tools. Seriously, pool tables are really heavy. The major piece is actually made of stone! Keep in mind that disassembling a pool table is more complicated than it may seem. There is more to it than a simple piece of furniture. Removing the cloth from the slate is a tricky process that could leave a person dumbfounded. So is putting it back on the table. A pool table is presumably one of the most difficult objects that you can move. It’s heavy, bulky, wide, and surprisingly delicate.

This DIY method could be dangerous to you and to the pool table. It is not uncommon to mistake of attempting to treat it like a dresser or sofa by getting several friends to help, and then twisting it every which way in order to fit in the door. Unfortunately, these maneuvers often end up with an accidental injury to you or your buddies, and you could warp the surface or damage a component. If you are really curious about how correctly move a pool table, the steps you should follow are below. Read carefully and thoroughly. Cincinnati Pool Table Movers will guide you through the process.